A collector's bibliography

20 September 2013

Expert guidance, tips, contributions from other collectors...Artistics is giving you some suggestions on further reading to help you take the leap and get started on your own collection.


  • Investing in art
  • By Fabien Bouglé, ed. Gualino, 2008, 349 pages, in French
  • This publication adresses four themes relating to the building of an art collection: investing in the market, the way to invest, art taxation and the legal regime of artistic heritage.
  • It allows to understand better these notions through both a practical and technical approach. 

The author, Fabien Bouglé, is the creator of St Eloy Consulting and is a specialist in wealth management in art. 

  • The collector and art lover’s guide
  • By Fabien Bouglé, ed. L'amateur, 2005, 256 pages, in French
  • What are the differences between an auction house and a gallery? Which are the tips to pay fewer taxes and better manage an art collection? 

So many questions both novices and experts can ask themselves. Fabien Bouglé, specialist in wealth management in art, sheds a light on each of these issues relative to the art world by providing answers, illustrated by concrete examples. 

  • Collecting contemporary art
  • By Adam Linderman, ed. Tashen, 2010, 298 pages, in French

Through more than forty interviews with art professionals and contemporary art collectors, Adam Lindermann, an American collector and author, sheds some light on the nature of the intern mechanisms of the art market today. He addresses in a very educational way the issues of making an art collection.

  • The art market & wealth management
  • By Henri Mahé de Boislandelle & François Tajan, ed. Economica connaissance de la gestion, 2005, 431 pages, in French
  • This book is for art lovers but also for art market professionals. It addresses tax matters relative to the purchase of works of art and gives tips on how to better manage ones wealth.  

Solidarity tax on wealth, tax deduction and payment in kind are all analysed in order to help you maximize your investments.  

  • Little and big secrets of the art world
  • By Danièle Granet & Catherine Lamour, ed. Pluriel, 2011, 363 pages, in French
  • Big collectors, international galerists, auction houses, artists...The art world and the functionning of its market often remain unrecognized by the general public. 

Through this well-researched book, Danièle Granet & Catherine Lamour, both French journalists, tell us about the role each of these actors play. 


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