born on: 
22 Mar, 1988
2019: Contemporary Art summer course, Royal College of Art. London.
2017 : Art Circle / Art Embassies. Goriška Brda, Slovenia.
2017 : Artist Residency with Ignacio Iturria. Iturria Foundation. Miami.
2011/2012 : Collaboration Grant, Department of Drawing I. Faculty of Fine Arts, Complutense University of Madrid.
2008 : Painting Grant, Taller del Prado. Madrid.
2007/2012 : Bachelor of Fine Arts. Complutense University of Madrid.
2006 : Mario Antolín Grant. BMW Painting Award.
2005/ 2007 : Upper Secondary Art Studies. School of Arts of Ávila.
2016 : Award Artemisia. City hall of Madrid.
2015 : International Award “Obra Abierta”. Caja de Extremadura.Spain.
2013 : International Prize Eugenio Hermoso. Spain.
2012 : BMW Painting Award. Spain.
2012 : Career Award, Premio Gredos a la Trayectoria. Guisando. Spain.
2011 : 1st Prize, National Price, City of Badajoz. Spain.
2010 : Honor Medal, BMW Painting Award. Spain.
2009 : 1st Prize, Fine Arts Bienal Foundation Villalar. Cortes de Castilla y León. Spain.
2009. Honor Medal BMW Painting Award. Spain.
2009 : National Fine Arts Price of Majadahonda. Spain.
2009 : 1st Prize, Certamen Ciudad de Béjar. Spain.
2008 : Premio Caja Madrid, 75 Salón de otoño de Madrid. Spain.
2008 : Acquisition Prize, 30 Salón de otoño de Plasencia. Spain.
2008 : 1st Prize, Premio Gredos de Pintura. Spain.
2007 : Prize Acquisition, Premio Caja Castilla la Mancha.
2006 : The Mario Antolín Grant. BMW Painting Award. Spain.
2005 : 1st Prize, Certamen Jóvenes Creadores Ayuntamiento de Ávila. Spain.
2020 : "Un diario no lineal". Salvador Victoria Museum. Rubielos de Mora. Spain
2020 : "Pantone". Spanish College. Paris, France.
2019 : "Todo y Nada". Solo show. Fundacion Iturria. Montevideo. Uruguay
2019 : "Colleccio Ars Citerior - Une manera de veure", group show. Vila Casas Fondation. Barcelona. Spain.
2019 : “Todo y Nada”, solo show. Fundación Iturria. Montevideo. Uruguay.
2019 : “Voyage”, solo show. Language Unit. Department of Engineering. University of Cambridge.
2017 : “Nadie nada borra”. Juan Risso Gallery. Madrid. Spain.
2017 : “Over the rainbow”. Iturria Gallery. Cadaqués. Spain.
2017 : “Los heraldos verdes”. UBS Europe SE. Madrid, Spain.
2017 : “Claro vuelo de la Memoria”. Artist book. Ávila library. Spain.
2013 : “Génesis” Taller del Prado. Madrid. Spain.
2013 : “NI SIROCO NI PAMPERO” Showroom Mansa 16. Punta del Este. Uruguay.
2011 : “Sueños Valquíricos”. Alfama Gallery. Madrid.
2011 : “Pásalo” Galería António Prates. Lisboa. Portugal.
2009 : “África, un sueño”. Calir Gallery. Ávila. Spain.
2007 : “Beca Mario Antolín 2006”. Alfama Gallery. Madrid.
opened up his studio to us. Watch the video of our visit to learn more about the artist's approach.

Albano Hernández Domíngues, Albano for short, is a contemporary Spanish artist born in 1988. Originally from Avila, near Madrid, Albano now lives and works in Cambridge in the UK. As far as abstract art goes his painting is characterized by vivid colours and a repetition and accumulation of abstract, often geometric motifs.

Albano has won different awards and merits amongst which the BMW Painting Award in 2012 when he was 24. He has been fortunate enough to be part of several artist residencies particularly in Miami, and has given more than ten exhibitions of his work in different galleries. Added to which his work has been collected by Spanish foundations and pubic institutions.

When he was younger Albano began learning the techniques of painting alongside his father. He went on to study Fine Arts for 7 years, from 2005 to 2012 in Avila and then Madrid. It was at this time that Albano developed a more theoretical approach to his painting, which in turn had him questioning himself. Albano has always been inspired by the Castilian landscapes he knows so well. I.e. vast stretches of fields of a bright and persistent green, a green that we so often find in his paintings. This colour appears in a cyclical fashion in Albano's paintings as to him it's a reminder. Albano's move to Cambridge in England corresponds to what he himself calls his 'Desert period' during which his paintings focus on his most cherished souvenirs. Today Albano feels the need to explore another angle and finds his inspiration by focusing wholly on the painting itself. This he calls his 'Atlas period'. That's to say Albano has found in his studio's surroundings, in his personal space, his new inspiration which has now become, in his own words, his 'new desert'.

Albano's painting is unquestionably abstract. His paintings are filled with intense swathes of colour and made up of different motifs and overlapping shapes. Recurrent features in his painting include the use of the colour green and a checkered pattern- signifying complementarity and unity. Clearly akin to the legacy left over from Formalism, Albano is trying to get away from a realist interpretation and concentrate only on drawing the viewer into the painting itself and all it represents. Art critic Brane Kovic nicely summed up this idea when writing about the work of Albano « (…) no matter how it is achieved, it is only a question of emotion, of the capacity to identify with this inner power of the work that words alone cannot describe and which the famous line from French poet Paul Valery sums up "we must always apologize for talking about painting.

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