Vega Beuvrin

born on: 
18 May, 1979


2010 - Winner of the accreditation competition for the position of professor and researcher in the fields of architecture and visual arts at Simon Bolivar Caracas University (Venezuela)
2007 – 2010: Visiting Professor in the Department of Drawing, Architecture and Plastic Arts at Simon Bolivar University in Caracas (Venezuela)
2009 – Master of advance Architecture
2004 - Degree in Architecture at the Central University of Venezuela
2004 - Honorable Mention of the Urban Studies Sector of Venezuela's Central Faculty
1997 – Science Bachelor


2019 - Nomination for the prize of the best artistic proposition of the A-FAD (Barcelone, Spain)
2018 – Finalist of the Foundation Vila Casa Biennale of sculpture
2013 – First prize of the public competition for the development of urban sculpture organized by the Department of Transport and Civil Engineering of Venezuela


2019 – Invitation to ART 2.0 in Barcelona by Porsche - Donation of a sculpture for a fund raising intended to the chair of oncology in Sant Joan de Deus Hospital, in Barcelona (Spain)
2019 – Donation of a sculpture for the auction sale EN VOZ ALTA, Caracas (Venezuela)
2018 – Part of the selection of the Foundation Vila Casa Biennale of sculpture
2017 – Group Show, “Abstraccion: Atraccion”, CBG Arts Gallery, Caracas (Venezuela)
2016/2017/2019 – Carré Latin Festival, Garden of the Palais Royal, Paris (France)
2015 – Public order of the city of Caracas for the creation and the permanent exhibition of three sculptures in the public area, Plaza Cipriano Castro, Caracas (Venezuela)
2002 – Group Show Vilanueva-Ventrillon
2002 - Group Show FAUART, Barcelona (Spain)
2018 - Architectural Prize Catalogue, Vila Casa Foundation, Palafruell Editions
2017 - Artefacto Internacional Revue, Issue 23
2017 - Artefacto Internacional Revue, Issue 22
2014 – Architectural critique as architect of the month, Masisa Inspira Magazine
2013 – Online version of the journal el Universal, October issue
2011 – Cover of the journal El Nacional, Citizen’s body, June Issue
2011 – Deco News Magazine, Issue 83
2010 – Deco News Magazine, Issue 77
2008 – The Bolivar’s paper, February Issue

Born in Caracas, Venezuela in 1979, former architect and university teacher Alejandro Vega Beuvrin decided to emigrate to Barcelona in 2014, and to create a studio dedicated to the production of abstract metal sculptures in large and small scales.

Deeply influenced by the political situation of his country, Alejandro Vega Beuvrin designs politically committed metal sculptures that invite the viewer to relate with the space and with the other viewers. Made of metal sheets with colorful surfaces - sometimes reflecting their surrounding environment as a mirror would do - these abstract sculptures are composed by metal sheets with 90° angles, offering several points of view for the viewers.

After five years, Alejandro Vega Beuvrin has been recognized in the contemporary art world. He permanently exhibits four sculptures in the public area of Caracas. His sculptures were part of the exhibition “Carré Latin Festival” at the gardens of the Palais Royal in Paris. His work was presented in New York at the auction sale for the foundation “Faith and Joy” (Fe y Alegria). In 2018, Alejandro Vega Beuvrin was in the finalist selection of the sculpture biennale prize of the Foundation Vila Casa. In 2019, he continues his career as a finalist for the best artistic proposition prize of the A-FAD (The Fostering Arts and Design), an association of artists and designers. 

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