Photography: An Interview with Christian Houge on his new series: 'Residence of Impermanence'



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Interview : Sharon Brill evokes her new series ‘Emergences’

Heavily influenced by the natural world, Sharon Brill reveals her new series ‘Emergences’. Presented on Artistics, these hybrid works, halfway between sculpture and painting, combine...

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Drawing Avenue by Guillaume Chansarel: a project which became an art book.

In June 2017, French artist Guillaume Chansarel flew to New York with a slightly crazy project: Go down Broadway Avenue, stop at each street corner and capture the atmosphere of...

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Contemporary photography: the Shibari in Christian Houge’s work

Through a series of photographs taken during numerous trips to Japan, photographer Christian Houge invites us to re-visit the Japanese ancestral practice of Shibari. This work is part of...

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Serendipity, Romain Langlois’s new discovery

With Romain Langlois, each work of art is the culmination of a long process of research and maturation. That is why his...

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Cécile Raynal at the Musée des Arts et Métiers

Until the 26th of August 2018 the exhibition 'Petites histories en reserve' presents around 30 of Cécile Raynal's sculptures that she made while in residency in the museum's storage areas...

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New York Dream : 4 questions to Xavier Dumoulin

With his new series entitled ...

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A monumental project!

A monumental commission for sculptor Pierre Yermia


The Artistics gallery, which has initiated this collaboration, invites you to discover below the different stages of this...

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SNJÓR: Icelandic winter as seen by Christophe Jacrot

SNJÓR : Icelandic winter as seen by Christophe Jacrot

With global...

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