Patricia Volk

United Kingdom

British artist Patricia Volk presents highly original abstract sculptures which are the result of a combination of form and colour, guided by her intuition. The juxtaposition of...

Patricia Volk, The Perfect Line
Cog (Teal)

Tom Price


The artistic approach of English artist Tom Price revolves around materials and is in particular directed by innovative and experimental creative processes. The result is an intriguing...

Tom Price, Presence & Absence, solo show, Kansas City
Counterpart II
Carbon Void Blue
The Presence of Absence - Male (II)

Martine Demal


In her contemporary sculpture, the French artist Martine Demal explores the different possibilities of bronze, the material she has chosen for her works, by pushing it to the limit of...

Martine Demal - Sculpture | Artistics.com
Writing n°3, Signs & Writings series
The Great Secret, Primary Forms series
Signs and Writings n°4, Signs & Writings series

Mattia Bosco


In his contemporary sculpture, Italian artist Mattia Bosco seeks to create a synthesis between concept and form. The two combine with balance and harmony, bringing his unique, abstract...

Mattia Bosco - Sculpture | Artistics.com

Franco Salas Borquez


The works of the contemporary Chilean painter Franco Salas Borquez depict the sea, the sole subject of his paintings. Fascinated by the ocean, the artist chose painting as an...

Franco Salas Borquez - Peinture | Artistics.com
The hostile sea
The wake
The untameable

Guy Oberson


The contemporary paintings of the artist Guy Oberson, produced in black chalk or in oil, plunge the observer into an ambiguous and timeless universe. Figurative and abstract themes...

Guy Oberson - Peinture | Artistics.com
Arbre fragment 1

Alejandro Vega Beuvrin


Sculptor Alejandro Vega Beuvrin was born in May 1979 in the Venezuelan capital, Caracas. Since 2015, he has been working on sculptures at his fine arts workshop in Barcelona: a...

Alejandro Vega Beuvrin - Sculpture | Artistics.com
Barricada #1 h L
Barricada #8 aic2 L
Barricada #9 aip M2

Doris Marten


The contemporary paintings of German artist Doris Marten explore the perception of colours and their mutual influence, immersing the viewer in an abstract geometric world. Lines...

Doris Marten - Abstract painting | Artistics.com
Layer No.14
Layer No.22
Layer No.23

Luca Marziale

United Kingdom

The contemporary photography of artist Luca Marziale offers a new and different perspective on the natural landscape, one in which representational photography gives way to abstraction...

Luca Marziale - Landscape photography | Artistics.com
Bleed, Yellowstone, Unearth series
Bleeding Iron, Testament series
Canyon, Fracture Series