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Alejandro Vega Beuvrin


Born in Caracas, Venezuela in 1979, former architect and university teacher Alejandro Vega Beuvrin decided to emigrate to Barcelona in 2014, and to create a studio dedicated to the...

Barricada #1 h L
Barricada #8 aic2 L
Barricada #9 aip M2

Doris Marten


The contemporary paintings of German artist Doris Marten explore the perception of colours and their mutual influence, immersing the viewer in an abstract geometric world. Lines...

Doris Marten - Abstract painting |
Layer No.14
Layer No.22
Layer No.23

Luca Marziale

United Kingdom

The contemporary photography of artist Luca Marziale offers a new and different perspective on the natural landscape, one in which representational photography gives way to abstraction...

Luca Marziale - Landscape photography |
Bleed, Yellowstone, Unearth series
Bleeding Iron, Testament series
Canyon, Fracture Series

Guillaume Chansarel


The contemporary paintings by the French artist Guillaume Chansarel invite the viewer to travel, from brand new perspectives, into the cores of international megalopolis.Urban...

Guillaume Chansarel - Peinture I
57th and Broadway
104th and Broadway
125th and Broadway

Emanuel Schulze


The contemporary paintings of the German artist Emanuel Schulze plunge the viewer into a dreamlike world in which architecture and landscape are intimately linked.An artist who mixes...

Emanuel Schulze - Painting I

Jacques Owczarek


Contemporary French artist Jacques Owczarek's sculpture sways between abstract and figurative, renewing the wildlife sculpture genre. His collection in bronze comprises a great variety...

Jacques Owczarek - Sculpteur I Artistics



Albano Hernández Domíngues, Albano for short, is a contemporary Spanish artist born in 1988. Originally from Avila, near Madrid, Albano now lives and works in Cambridge in the UK. As...

Albano - Painting I Artistics com
Atlas 1342
Atlas 1601, Mexico
Atlas 1603, Görlitz

Calo Carratalá


Calo Carratalá is a contemporary Spanish artist, based in Valencia, specializing in landscape painting. He trained at the Fine Arts in Valencia and the Spanish academy in Rome. Calo...

Calo Carratalá - Painting |
Watercolour Benasque 1, Snow collection
Watercolour Benasque 2, Snow collection
Benasque Study 1, Snow collection

Brad Wilson

United States

Brad Wilson is an American artist who lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He became widely acclaimed for his photographic series “Affinity”, which features studio portraits of wild animals....

Brad Wilson - Photographie |
African Crowned Crane #1, Los Angeles, CA, 2011
Bald Eagle #1, St Louis, MO, 2012
Black Leopard #2, Monterey, CA, 2014
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