born on: 
04 Oct, 1975
Master at the Institute of Fine Arts, Kyoto City University of Arts (Japan)
2008: Bronze medal for painting – Salon des artistes français (Paris, France)
2006: 1st prize for painting – Painting and Sculpture Salon of the Palette décinoise (Décines, France)
2006: Grant from National Fundation of culture and arts (Taïwan)
2003: Grand prix – Exhibition of Floral and avian painting at Shouhaku Museum (Nara, Japan)
2003: Artistic Culture Prize – Aogaki exhibition of Japanese painting (Aogaki, Japan)
2003: 2nd Prize – Exhibition of Zenkansai art at the Osaka City Museum of Art (Osaka, Japan)
2003: National Community Prize – Overview exhibition of the national community of the 17th Art Festival of Kyoto (Kyoto, Japan)
2003: Grant from Ministry of education, culture, sports, sciences and technology (Japon)
2000: First Prize – Zhongbu Art Exhibition (Taichung, Taiwan)
2000: First Prize – Art Exhibition of the Department of Taipei (Taipei, Taiwan)
2000: Award of Excellence – Art Exhibition of Taiyang (Taipei, Taiwan)
2020: LA Art Show, exhibited by Fine Art Consultancy (London, UK)
2019: Context Art Miami, exhibited by Galerie KOO (Miami, USA)
2019: Fresh : Art Fair, exhibited by Fine Art Consultancy (London, UK)
2019: Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong, exhibited by Galerie KOO (Hong Kong)
2018: AQUA Art Miami, with Fine Art consultancy London & Tokyo (London, UK)
2018: "Nihong-ga"- Solo Show - d'Haudrecy Art Gallery - Knokke-Zoute (Belgium)
2017: Personal exhibition, Tokyu Honten dpt store, Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, (Tokyo, Japan)
2016: Galerie d'Haudrecy (Knokke, Belgium), Solo show
2014: Orangery of the Caillebotte Estate (Yerres, France), Solo show
2014: "Nihon-ga", Exhibition of Chen Yiching and her student's artworks, Espace des Femmes, (Paris, France)
2013: Galerie Fondation Taylor (Paris, France)
2013: Maison de la culture du Japon (Paris, France), Solo show
2012: Galerie Sinitude (Paris, France),
2011: Galerie Librairie Impressions (Paris, France),
2010: Japan Expo (Paris, France)
2009: Galerie Everarts (Paris, France), Solo show
2008: Galerie Béranger (Tours, France),
2008: Espace Saint-Pierre of Montmartre (Paris, France)
2007: Galerie 43 (Paris, France),
2006: Townhall of the 8th arrondissement (Lyon, France), Solo show
2006: City Cultural Center (Taichung, Taiwan), Solo show - supported by the National Culture and Arts Foundation of Taiwan
2006: Art en Capital (Paris, France) (2008, 2009)
2006: Salon d'automne (Paris, France) (~2009)
2006: International Salon of Spring of the Lyon Company of Fine Arts (Lyon, France)
2005: Galerie Yamashita (Kyoto, Japan), Solo show
2004: Nasic Square (Kyoto, Japan), Solo show
2004: Exhibition of Japanese Painting of Garyuzakura (Takayama, Japan)
2004: Exhibition in memory of Maedaseison (Nakatsugawa, Japan)
2003: Exhibition of flower and bird painting at Shouhaku Museum (Nara, Japan)
2003: Exhibition of Japanese painting of Aogaki (Aogaki, Japan)
2003: Exhibition of Zenkansai art at the City Museum of Art (Osaka, Japan)
2003: Overview Exhibition of National Community, the 17th Art Festival of Tokyo (Tokyo, Japan)
2002: Exhibition of Nishunten (touring, Japan) (~2003)
2002: Exhibition of Kyôten at the City Museum of Art (Kyoto, Japan) (~2003)
2002 : nk painting exhibition in memory of Sessunosato (Okayama, Japan)
2000: Zhongbu Art Exhibition (Taichung, Taiwan)
2000: National Art Exhibition (touring, Taiwan)
2000: Taipei Art Exhibition (Taipei, Taiwan)
2000: Taiyang Art Exhibition (Taipei, Taiwan)
2000 - Exposition d’art de Taiyang (Taipei, Taïwan)
opened up her studio to us. Watch the video of our visit to learn more about the artist's approach.

Chen Yiching is a contemporary artist from Taiwan. She practices the traditional Japanese art of «nihonga» which literally means Japanese-style painting. This very demanding technique consists of using only natural materials (wood, paper, rock, sand, bone) in creating a work. The pigments, obtained through various minerals including azurite and malachite, are mixed with animal glue (nikawa) which is made from fishbone or animal hide. Paper and stretched silk are the main mediums but wood and canvas are also used. In principle it is like water colour with the blank spaces (yohaku) playing an important role in the work.


Yiching gets her inspiration from a very personal sentiment she holds for nature. Her paintings ( floral compositions, clumps of forests, various animals) are proof of her sentiments. She expresses this sensibility through a thoroughly mastered and delicate language.


During her university studies, in Taiwan, she discovered nihonga, which she rapidly adopted. This quickly found her terrific success in different fairs in Taipei, Chung Bu and Tai Yang and consequently she decided to wholly devote herself to this discipline. In 2002 she went to the Kyoto School of Fine Arts where she was lucky to come under the auspices of Grand master Takao Yamazaki. During her education she received several awards and distinctions from Japanese exhibitions and in particular obtained the Shohaku museum's prestigious Grand prix. Atsushi Uemura, another nihonga master remarked her work and took her on as a pupil. In 2004, her first own exhibition was a total success and she obtained her diploma. Shortly afterwards she came to France to study western art and find new inspiration.


Since 2011, based on her experience Chen Yiching has been holding a workshop at the National Museum of Asian Arts - Guimet. She is also the author of «Découvrir la peinture nihonga » (Eyrolles) the first book in French on the subject.

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