2014 - 1st prize of sculpture (Salon of Fine Arts; Garches, France)
2005 - 1st prize of sculpture for "Wall" (Salon of Fine Arts; Garches, France)
2019 - Group show at Maison Archik (Marseille)
2017 - Exposition personnelle, Agence Varenne (Paris)
2017 - Le 5ème mur, group show, Galerie Exit Art Contemporain (Paris)
2016/2017 - Collective exhibition : Abstract affinities / I II III – IV V (carte blanche to the architect Alain Demarquette) at Wagner Gallery - From 12/11/2016 to 08/01/2017 (Le Touquet-Paris-Plage)
2016 - Collective exhibition : Delphine Brabant and Michel Bocart at Lazarew Galerie - From 23/10/2016 to 20/11/2016 (Bruxelles)
2015 - Collective exhibition : "Paragone", Galerie Exit art contemporain, Boulogne Billancourt (France)
2015 - Retrospective exhibition in La Celle-Saint-Cloud City Hall (France)
2015 - Present at Art Up Lille, art fair (France)
2015 - Group show at Le Cadre Gallery (Hong-Kong)
2014 - Group show at the Wagner Gallery (Le Touquet, France)
2014 - Present at Paris Artistes, art fair (Paris)
2014 - Group show at the Ephemeral Artismove Gallery (Paris)
2014 - Solo show at the Caroline Tresca Gallery (Paris)
2014 - Solo show at the Tableau d'Honneur Gallery (Saint-Cloud, France)
2013 - Solo show at the Emeraude Gallery (Le Touquet, France)
2012 - Solo show at La Celle-Saint-Cloud City Hall (France)
2012 - Solo show at the Emeraude Gallery (Le Touquet, France)
2011 - Group show at the Emeraude Gallery (Bondue, France)
2010 - Group show at the Envie d'Art Gallery (Paris)
2009 - Solo show at the Emeraude Gallery (Le Touquet, France)
2008 - Solo show at the Villa Emile Augier (Croissy-sur-Seine, France)
2008 - Solo show at La Celle-Saint-Cloud City Hall (France)
2007 - Salon of Fine Arts (Garches, France)
2007 - Salon of Arts (Saint Cloud, France)
2007 - Salon of Le Chesnay "young talents" (Le Chesnay, France)
2006 - Solo show at the Emeraude Gallery (Le Touquet, France)
opened up her studio to us. Watch the video of our visit to learn more about the artist's approach.
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  • Artist Delphine Brabant's work is a sort of quest. The type that is born out of a confrontation of opposing forces: Shadow and light, positive and negative, balance and imbalance… This search is accompanied by a desire to simplify the figure and let...


Originally from Lille, Delphine Brabant comes from a family of artists. She began sculpting very early and was a student of Jean-Marc Lange in the 1990’s. She now lives and works in the Parisian region.

Her apprenticeship first revolved around modelling live models.  Therefore, still attached to the representation of the human face, Delphine Brabant began researching notions of groups and verticality. She started shaping sculptures with ascending ‘forests of human beings’

Still inspired by verticality and looking for an ascending momentum, the artist slowly moved away from figuration to focus on clean geometrical forms, this time letting the image of an edifice appear. Now guided by the concept of construction, Delphine Brabant creates her sculptures in an architectural way by assembling and imbricating numerous forms with simple lines.

Whilst searching for a harmonious composition in an almost obsessive way, Delphine Brabant was somehow taken by the contradiction of forces. Her sculptures search the alternation between full and empty, strength and fragility as well as precarious stability and rigorous sensitivity.

Delphine Brabant shapes various materials, either noble and sustainable, or raw and diverted. The artist works with bronze, steel, concrete, plaster and clay but also stone and wood.

Though she appreciates the rigour of direct shaping, the surprises that the harshness of the wood reveal, the colour of the plaster and the modelling of the earth, the artist likes above all thematerial itself, and transforming it into geometrical and architectural constructions.

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