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  • Hotels, restaurants, foyers of Head-Quarters, offices, meeting-rooms. Adorn your reception or work areas with original works of art at affordable prices.

Contact us and let us know your needs and benefit from a fully personalized service. Once we've established your prerequisites we'll propose a selection of original artwork, adapted to your specifications and budget.

  •  Artistics, a partner of trust
  • - The choice among hundreds of works of art
  • - A great variety of artists, styles and themes
  • - Possibility of special orders

- Artwork adapted to every budget

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  • Taxation: Did you know?

Companies that acquire works of art can be entitled to some extremely interesting tax benefits. That is to say:

For companies

  • The acquisition of works by living artists by companies and certain professions:
  • Article 238bis AB of the CGI states that: "companies that acquire works of living artists can deduct from their income for the year of acquisition and the ensuing 4 years, in equal installments, an amount equal to the purchase price of the work. This mechanism allows to deduct each year, over 5 years, 20% of the purchase price of works by living artists."
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  • This tax benefit relies on four conditions:  
  • -The acquired artwork must be registered in an account of fixed assets
  • -The deduction carried out must not exceed 0,5% of the year's turnover
  • -During the 5 years, the piece of art must be exhibited in a place accessible to employees and visitors to the company
  • -The company must register in a special reserve account in liabilities an amount equal to the deduction, accepting that this sum will be reinstated to taxable income in the event of a sale or transfer of the artwork or a withdrawal from the account of fixed assets
  • Purchased goods must be registered as fixed assets.


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