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07 April 2020


Maru Yacco's World (2018), Okurimono series. Christian Houge.



The coming weeks are going to be drawn-out. To put up with the confinement, we need to keep our curiosity guessing. As several museums and foundations already have their collections online, we have started to collect these initiatives under the heading "Elsewhere on the web" see below. We have brought together our favorite resources relating to contemporary art : videos, podcasts, articles covering a wide range of subjects : you can brush up on your knowledge of contemporary art history, discover new artists through interviews they have given or by visiting their studios and better understand the art market thanks to studies, documentaries or round-table discussions.

This list is just an outline. We are going to fill in the blanks in the next few days and weeks. Add this page to your favorites to be able to more readily consult the next installments. Feel free to suggest any other contents. We will be only too happy to add them to the list!  

Happy viewing / happy listening / happy reading and above all, we wish you all well!


Know your (contemporary) art history

It's time to brush up (or revise) your knowledge of art history. To help you, this chapter has e-courses, podcasts and articles on the salient moments and people that make up the history of (contemporary) art.

MOOC (Coursera / MOMA) What Is Contemporary Art?

MOOC (Fondation Orange / Centre Pompidou) L’art moderne et contemporain en 4 temps

MOOC (Fondation Orange / Centre Pompidou) L’art moderne et contemporain en 8 gestes

Artsy | The Most Iconic Artists of All Time 

France Culture, L'invité(e) des matins (podcast) > Nouveau Réalisme et Art contemporain

Les podcasts de France Culture sur l’Art contemporain

Centre Pompidou | (Vidéo) Voulez-vous un dessin ? 2 minutes pour tout savoir sur l’art moderne et contemporain

Un curso del Museo Reina Sofía y de la Fundación Telefónica | El Cubismo en la cultura moderna


Videos of studio visits / artists interviews

At this time of restricted access, there are several videos in which the artists of this selection give you a virtual tour of their studios or speak of their work!

Studio Visits & interviews (playlist, 40 vidéos) | Artistics.com

Paroles d'artistes (playlist, 25 vidéos) | Fondation Cartier pour l'art contemporain

Artist Interviews (playlist, 200 vidéos) | Tate

Studio Visits (playlist, 25 vidéos) | Louisiana Channel

Meet the Artists (playlist, 13 vidéos) | Art Basel

Conversations - Artist Talks (playlist, 68 vidéos) | Art Basel

Artist Interviews (playlist, 26 vidéos) | Artnet

Studio Tours (playlist, 14 vidéos) | BLOUIN ARTINFO

Les interviews d'artistes et commissaires d'expo (playlist, 150 vidéos) | Palais de Tokyo

Artist Talks (playlist, 30 vidéos) | Guggenheim Museum

The Way I Think | George Condo Interview

David Hockney Interview | Van Gogh Museum


Better understand the contemporary art market

During these weeks of confinement, we propose to take you beyond your screens and go behind the scenes of the art market with its contemporary reflections. Welcome!

Rapport > Art Basel and UBS Global Art Market Report 2020

Documentaire (bande-annonce) > Blurred Lines: Inside the Art World

Documentaire (bande-annonce) > The Price of Everything

Tables rondes (playlist, 17 vidéos) > Conversations | Art Market Talk  | Art Basel

Documentaire > The Art Market (playlist, 4 vidéos) | Artsy

Rapport > Artnet Intelligence Report Spring 2020

Rapport > The Contemporary Art Market report 2019 | Artprice


Documentary about (contemporary) artists

In this section directors have filmed some contemporary artists who give us a portrait and some anecdotes for a more extensive immersion and understanding of what have become today's essential works.

Francis Bacon : A Brush with Violence (2017) par Richard Custon Smith

Jackson Pollock's Mural, The Story Behind a Masterpiece (2016)

Bande annonce > Botero (2020) par Don Millar

Documentaire Netflix > Olafur Eliasson, Conception d'une oeuvre d'art (2019)

Documentaire Netflix > L'Echelle Céleste, l'art de Cai Cuo-Quiang (2016)


Portraits of (contemporary) art collectors

The art world is comprised of many actors and art collectors play a key role. They guarantee the artwork's conservation, finance the artist's work and entrust it to International galleries: who are these contemporary art collectors? 

Documentaire (bande-annonce) > Herb and Dorothy

Collectors and Collections (playlist, 60 vidéos) | Christie's

Meet the Collectors (playlist, 8 vidéos) | Art Basel

Interviews | Contemporary Art Collectors

100 art-world Instagram accounts to follow right now, Collectors | Christie’s

BMW Art Guide (playlist, 6 vidéos) 


Travel with contemporary art

The talented contemporary artists come from all different nationalities and their success transcends many borders, of course globalization and the internet have had a hand in this. However, some fairly high places for contemporary art exist dotted around the globe. This section invites you to travel and to escape: discover the (exotic) places which make up the world of contemporary art.

Benesse Art Site Naoshima | Japon > Podcast « Sur les routes de l’Asie : Art contemporain à Noashima et Teshima » | PodCloud

MONA - Museum of Old and New Art | Tasmanie > Article « Tasmanie : on a visité le Mona, le musée le plus extravagant d’Australie » | GEO

Fondation Carmignac | France > Article « An Island of Art at Fondation Carmignac » | Elephant 

DESTE Foundation for Contemporary Art | Grèce > Article « Dakis Joannou Turned a Remote Greek Island into an Art Mecca » | Artsy

Institut Inhotim | Brésil > Article « Welcome to the Jungle » Independent Collectors


Elsewhere on the web

Contemporary art is present in many different places and the internet is one of the key places for its market and its exposure. This section will lead you to the sites of the different experiences that the art world permits for the moment and will prove that the virtual experience remains king!

L’Officiel Art : 5 musées à visiter en ligne

Google Art and Culture

Artnet News : Travel Plans on Hold? You Can Visit 500 International Museums From the Comfort of Your Own Home Thanks to Google

Le Figaro : Avec la Culture chez nous, le ministère veut mettre de l'art sur tous les écrans

The Guardian : 'Quarantine soirees': classical music and opera to stream at home

Widewalls : Art History Movies Everybody Needs to Watch

Le Figaro : L’opéra de Paris diffusent les ballets en ligne pendant toute la durée de la quarantaire en France : Consultez le programme !

Widewalls : At Home During Coronavirus Outbreak? Here Are 7 Virtual Museum Tours To Do Now

Convelio : Profiter de l'art à la maison - Visites virtuelles et collections en ligne

Libreriamo  (bibliographie) : 6 libri per capire l’arte contemporanea

Se balader dans Le Jardin des Délices, chef d'oeuvre de Jérôme Bosch 

Guggenheim Museum offers art books for free download

Art Angle, a podcast from Artnet News on the art world


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