born on: 
01 Dec, 1977


2000 - School of Decorative Arts, Strasbourg, France
1994 - 1999 : Projects management and implementation with Bruno Bourdiel Achitecture and Design in Moulins, France


2019: Great Opening, group show, SPRING contemporary art agency, Paris, France
2019 : "Symbiose" Project, Art Residency in the Calanques National Park of Cassis, France
2019 : Project about the sculpture "Aken", completed with persons in exile with the association Les Utopistes en action, Morlaix, France
2017 : Implementation of the "Oriental Gate" in Suzhou, public procurement. Suzhou, China
2017 : Land'Art installation in Mingan, Canada
2016 : Group Show, Metamorphik Gallery, Sainte-Foy-Les-Lyon, France
2016 : "Cell Garden" Project, Japan, Indonésia
2015 : Group Show "L'empreinte du geste", Museum of Decorative Arts, Paris, France
2015 : YIA Art Fair with BS gallery, Paris, France
2014 : Group show, "On dit que... dans la forêt", La Plomberie, Epinal, France
2014 : Solo show : "La Lune en Parachute", Epinal, France
2014 : Solo show "Emptiness attraction", BS Gallery, Cannes, France
2014 : Solo Show, Europe Embassy, Geneva, Switzerland
2013 : Group show, "Local Line 12 : Contemporary Landscapes", Museum of Modern Arts, Saint Etienne, France
OFI ollection, Matmut, Fondation Bullukian, Abode of Chaos
opened up his studio to us. Watch the video of our visit to learn more about the artist's approach.

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  • With Romain Langlois, each work of art is the culmination of a long process of research and maturation. That is why his creations are rare and of exceptional character.  Likewise with Serendipity, that has just been unveiled and that it is both a...

  • Like a veritable alchemist, Romain Langlois, alters the substance of the materials he possesses and before our eyes he puts them back, not quite the same, not quite different. Changed into bronze, that piece of scrap wood takes on new life and has us questioning: Say, what exactly...


French contemporary artist, Romain Langlois has made a name for himself in bronze sculpture. His sculpture has a very particular shape.

Romain Langlois trained in design then worked for an architecture firm before ultimately turning his attention to sculpture. He got started by gathering as much technical knowledge as possible, talking with master sculptors before attending l'Ecole Supérieur des Arts Décoratifs in Strasbourg. After ten years of intense work Romain Langlois became conversant with all sorts of materials and learned to master all the different patinas. So he began to make his own pieces and, for its lasting and vibratory qualities, chose bronze to express his creativity.

He gets his inspiration from nature, tree stumps, rocks, branches… things that nature has abandoned Romain Langlois breaths new life into thanks to his spectacular work with bronze. With a more than realistic finish, the bronze imitates the grain and the bark of a tree or the rough surface of a rock. This newfound bit of nature, granted an imitation, is transformed formally and substantially : the shapes are stretched, dug out and a substance like liquid gold - obtained through intense polishing of the bronze - shoots out from these once rejected objects. Before our very eyes are born precious artifacts that have us forgetting the trivial nature of their origins.

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